[Samba] Release 2.2.3a - NT User Character Validation

Michael G Gaughan mikeg at spawn.ceco.com
Fri Apr 12 05:39:02 GMT 2002

Hello Samba Developers,

After looking through the source files for 2.0.7, 2.0.9, 2.2.0, and 2.2.3a,
it appears that a problems was introduced for us at the most recent revision.

Since our mainframe IDs spawn our Novell IDs which in turn spawn our NT IDs,
the grandfathered naming convention exists:


the A represents location, the "#" a is a separator, and the "LAST" is the first five
characters of your last name (generally).

The samba NT ID validation takes my NT ID, G#GAUGH and changes it to G_GAUGH.
This will not validate against the NT domain because the G_GAUGH NT ID is not valid.

We made the following change in .source/smbd/reply.c:

diff reply.c.orig reply.c
<   alpha_strcpy(user, user, ". _-$", sizeof(user));
>   alpha_strcpy(user, user, ". _-$#", sizeof(user));

Thanks for the product!

Michael Gaughan
Exelon BSC - IT Engineering

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