[Samba] Outlook Express and Samba

Laurent Tourneux tourneux at strauss-in.com
Fri Apr 12 05:08:02 GMT 2002

Hi List,

I'm a newbie and i have this problem:
I'm using a Samba 2.2 of a Suse 7.2 Fileserver in a NT4-domain with PDC
and BDC.
All users have an own Directory like H:/home/username.

On NT4-Client, they working E-Mail with Outlook Express (shit happend !)
and the Outlook-directory is:
      \StoreRoot= 'H:\Outlook'

Users kann receive E-Mail without problem.
when they are sending, the e-mail stay in `Outbox` and doesn't go out.
When we want to look in the Outbox, is the mail deleted... 

Know someone what happend ?



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