[Samba] Uppercase / Lowercase letters in File Names

Oliver Six o.six at cahos.net
Fri Apr 12 01:15:05 GMT 2002

Jochen Roedenbeck <roe at spl-spindel.de> wrote on 11.04.2002 18:55:59:

>We have a Samba server and some Windows 95/98 clients. On the clients
>there is a program which accesses files from a Samba share, and it
>creates lists of file names where uppercase/lowercase letters may
>differ from how the file name is stored on the server. This does
>not matter for the Samba share, but we want to transfer this list to
>the server where it is processed by a unix program, and this pro-
>gram should access the files, too.
>Is there any tool to look for the right "spelling" of the file name,
>something that looks for files the same way Samba does?
>Jochen Rödenbeck
Hi Jochen,

try to turn on "Allow all uppercase filenames" in the preferences of 
windows explorer. 

Ciao Oliver
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