[Samba] BUG and FIX: "hide unreadable" and "admin user" don't taste great together.

Bill Moran wmoran at potentialtech.com
Thu Apr 11 18:48:03 GMT 2002

We've noticed some really strange behaviour when a user
enters a directory with both "hide unreadable" and
"admin users" turned on.  (i.e. the person is on the
list of "admin users" and the share has "hide unreadable"
turned on)
The results were pretty weird, files/directories that the
user should have seen (even with "admin users" off) were
not there.
Removing the user from the list of "admin users" promptly
solved the problem.
On a whim, I guessed that the hide unreadable code was
getting confused on what files to hide when the user was
a member of "admin users", so I edited dir.c and added
the following code snippet to the beginning of
The theory is that the admin user should never have
files hidden from him/her.

/* If user is a member of the Admin group
  * we never hide files from him           */
if (conn->admin_user) return 1;

I've only done limited testing so far, but it sure seems
like this solved the problem.  Personally, I'm confident
enough that I'll be putting it in on a production server
tomorrow.  Hope this turns out to be helpful.

Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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