[Samba] cross subnet browse sync problem

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp7 at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 11 13:50:03 GMT 2002

Hello all.
I have the following setup:
192.168.1.x local lan.
192.168.2.x remote lan - connected by a vpn tunnel.

I have a samba server on both ends of the network.  The one on the
192.168.1.x has WINS enabled and samba on the 2.x network is pointed at the
primary via 'wins server='.
My problem is that I can look in the wins.dat file and see that machines on
the remote net are in the file, along with the workgroup/domain name as
well, but the machines don't show up when using Network Neighborhood to
browse the remote workgroup.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  I
have the remote samba with the remote broswe sync =  Should I
be doing something else?



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