[Samba] Freebsd 4.5 Compiling issues with Samba 3.0 HEAD

Daniel J. Charboneau dcharb at xceligent.com
Thu Apr 11 13:34:03 GMT 2002

I am trying to compile Samba 3.0 on FreeBSD 4.5 with KRB5 and OpenLdap


However I have been unable to figure out how to compile with KRB5


I have done a default install via the ports system of KRB5 on my freebsd
box.  It installs to /usr/local

I have used the configure option -with-krb5=/usr/local, without that
line, with /usr and had no luck. I am using the Samba 3.0 prealpha guide
to Kerberos authentication trying to figure this out.    Every time I
have run the configure script and checked the /include/config.h file it
does not containing

#define Have_KRB5 1

#defing Have_Ldap 1


I would very much appreciate any assistance you all may be able to




Daniel Charboneau

(Samba Newbie)

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