[Samba] Samba as a domain member HOWTO - With LINK

dj at 4ict.com dj at 4ict.com
Thu Apr 11 12:10:03 GMT 2002

Hello All,

I've written down my experiences in setting up a Samba server as a member
of a Windows domain. The goal is to have this document added to
documentation that is distributed with Samba and is available on the Samba

I'm providing it here in html format. But it is writting in Abiword. What
is the correct type needed to be usable within the Samba distribution ?

This is a first edition and probably will contain errors. So I'm
submitting it here to be checked by all of you.

You can find the howto at :


(sorry about forgetting the link in my previous mail)

So please send your comments to me so I can improve this text.


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