[Samba] Uppercase / Lowercase letters in File Names

Jochen Roedenbeck roe at spl-spindel.de
Thu Apr 11 12:03:02 GMT 2002

We have a Samba server and some Windows 95/98 clients. On the clients
there is a program which accesses files from a Samba share, and it
creates lists of file names where uppercase/lowercase letters may
differ from how the file name is stored on the server. This does
not matter for the Samba share, but we want to transfer this list to
the server where it is processed by a unix program, and this pro-
gram should access the files, too.

Is there any tool to look for the right "spelling" of the file name,
something that looks for files the same way Samba does?

Jochen Rödenbeck

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