[Samba] Fw: File Copy error between two samba servers

David Nickel dnickel at aug.edu
Thu Apr 11 06:53:01 GMT 2002

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Subject: File Copy error between two samba servers

I have to Sun servers (backup and primary) that are running Samba. If I have two network neighborhood windows open for each server on my desktop, and try to drag and drop a file from one to the other, I get the following error message.
{{Cannot copy  'filename;: Access is denied: The Source file may be in user}}

Here is my shared definition in smb.conf. Any help would be much appreciated.

 path = /opt/pipeline/docroot/site/mypipe
 browseable = yes 
 guest ok = no 
 comment = /opt/pipeline/docroot/site/mypipe
 writeable = yes 
 valid users = @prn
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