[Samba] Authentication Problem-Machine Account name messed up

Matt Sodano monmouth_runner at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 10 18:59:01 GMT 2002


Ran into a problem with 2.2.2 running on RH7.2.

Can't get to use security= server or domain. Account
in domain was created, but when I send my
authentications to the Win2k PDC, the machine account
name field in the SMB packet has the string
appended to the hostname, and the ANSI & Unicode
passwds are all 1F's


The PDC retruns an error after my box sends the
Session Setup and X SMB packet with this as the
Account name.

Tried using smbpasswd -j DOMNAME -r PDC -U adminname,
got an error  saying the machine name was not valid.

I cannot figure out HOW this "SAMBATEST" is being
appended  my hostane/netbios name in packets coming
FROM my Samba server. Grepped thru the source code,
didn't see this string. Recompiled as a last resort,
no luck---Anybody have any clue?

Thanks In Advance--


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