[Samba] Simple (?) question...

Rich Pinder rpinder at usc.edu
Wed Apr 10 15:31:04 GMT 2002

I'm not a very sophisticated Samba user, nor do I totally understand all
the gory details with MS Win___ products.

But I'm seeing a different behavior after moving our storage from a
Windows NT 4 server, to a SAMBA server.

I've got a client app (running on NT 4 workstations) that needs to
access the data on the server.

Its a read only share, basically just serving up images - no
writing/modifying of data is done by the client apps.

When the data was on a NT Server, I initially logged the workstation
onto the server (using a DIFFERENT username/pw than the user uses for
the workstation) ONCE - and then every time in the future the app ran,
I'm assuming the username/pw was recalled from the windows password file
(some kind acl ??) - and it just logged in as the software attempted to

Now, with SAMBA on the backside (using the exact same client machines),
each time the machine is restarted the username/pw needs to be re

I'm not sure why or where this happening.

Any thoughts ??


rich pinder
usc school of medicine

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