[Samba] Samba 2.2.3a and Password Expiration

K. Hawkes k.hawkes at zombies.force9.net
Wed Apr 10 13:05:04 GMT 2002

Hey all,

I've got my Samba 2.2.3a server and now I'd like to set password expiry
times on accounts either via UNIX or Samba.
Sounds easy, however I'd like the Samba server to let a user know in say, a
week before their password expires if they'd like
to change it.  The users all use Win98SE, none of them have UNIX Shells
(They do, but they only access Samba, Telnet is denied).

Any ideas on this?

While I'm here, how would I set up 2 Samba Servers on the same box?  I've
asked this question before and today I got somewhere
reasonable with it, I gave Samba 2.2.3a it's own IP of and Samba
3.0-a17 it's own IP of

As soon as I added 'interfaces' and 'bind interfaces only = true' to each
smb.conf, I hit problems.
I disabled the 3.0-a17, took out 'interfaces' and 'bind interfaces only =
true', I then removed 'socket options ='.
It then let me login again.  I have one NIC (eth0) and 1 virtual IP
(eth0:0), I am trying (just to learn) to run 2 servers on 2 IPs.
If I can't do it, just let me know, I'm only wanting to do this to see the
differences in usage of 2.2.3a and 3.0-a17.
One thing I saw in SWAT for 3.0-a17 was the keyname 'REALM' and the lack of
'DOMAIN ADMINS =' in the config.
What is 'REALM' and why was 'DOMAIN ADMINS =' removed or was it moved to
another directive?

OS - Mandrake 7.2 (On this box anyway), stock Kernel that comes with it.
RTL8139 NIC.

A question about winbind too, the Samba server is the PDC, it has only
Win98SE clients connecting to it, would winbind be any use here or is that
only useful if you're connecting Samba to an NT PDC or using NT as an
authentication server?

Apologies for the same questions asked over and over...


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