[Samba] supposedly stupid problem

Kai Blin k.blin at gmx.net
Wed Apr 10 12:47:04 GMT 2002

Hi list,

after about a year of inactivity, I have returned. :)

I'm back with a question that has certainly been answered before, so feel
free to point me to the documentation.

I'm unable to get Win98 get the samba server's user list if I want to set
Win98 to user level authentication instead of share level authentication.
Win NT 4.0 isn't complaining. Win98 will join the domain (as well as a
non-NT windows will join those), but will complain about "The user list is
temporarily not available, please try again later" and  cancel sharing.

What the heck did I miss?

Thanks and glad to be back,


Kai Blin, private email
You will be Told about it Tomorrow.  Go Home and Prepare Thyself.

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