[Samba] nmbd port problem

Bob Crandell bob at assuredcomp.com
Wed Apr 10 11:49:03 GMT 2002

The other side of this question is, how hard is it to change the port(s) that
Windows uses to talk to other Windows computers?

Jon Houg (jon.houg at peregrine.com) wrote*:
>Hi Martyn,
>Thank you for the suggestions.  I agree, I think it should be fairly easy to
>make a change to our code to use another port besides 137.  On the other
>hand, would this issue qualify as a request for enhancement for a future
>release of Samba?  If so, how would I submit this?
>Thanks again,
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>Yes, you could run the server on a different port, but it would lose it's
>functionality - WINS is pre-set on windows machines and they will look on
>the default ports of nmbd.
>Options :
>Get the programmer to not use other specified ports (see /etc/services and
>pick one of the unused ones) - these are standards he/she is breaking and
>should be convinced to change that - or
>Get his/her program to bind to one address only, and run with different IPs
>e.g. his software runs on the current IP say and samba binds to
> - or
>Don't use WINS and have problems looking up machine names on windows
>Hope this helps
>At 08:59 AM 4/10/02 -0700, Jon Houg wrote:
>>I am using Samba 2.0.10 on a Red Hat 7.1 machine.  When attempting to start
>>the 2 Samba background tasks - "smbd" and "nmbd", I get this error in the
>>"log.nmb" file:
>>         bind failed on port 137 socket_addr= (Address already in
>>To make a long story short, I've determined that there is another process
>>from one of our own products using this same port 137.  I've contacted the
>>Developer of this product and asked him if the port that this product uses,
>>can be changed.  He said this cannot be done.  So, my question to the Samba
>>community is, is there a way I can tell Samba either through the "smb.conf"
>>file or some other means, to use a port other than 137 and/or 139 to start
>>"nmbd" and successfully use Samba along with our own product on this same
>>Jon Houg
>>Peregrine Systems
>>jon.houg at peregrine.com
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