[Samba] cannot mount - please help

Thomas Klettke thomask at aesbus.com
Wed Apr 10 10:56:19 GMT 2002

>I installed Samba under Mandrake 8.2 to access a win98 box. The windows
>machine has 2 partitions, C: and D:. Now I can mount the //winbox/c
>partition from within linux and access it without a problem. With
>//winbox/d, I can access it using smbclient, transfer files back and
>forth etc. But when I try to mount it, it mounts without errors, however
>any attempt to access the mounted tree results in trouble (mc segfaults,
>console dies, etc.). An attempt to unmount it can't succeed as it's
>"busy". After that linux cannot even shutdown properly, hanging when it
>tries to unmount //winbox/d.

Have you run a filesystem check on that drive (from Windows)? My guess is
that there could be filesystem errors.

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