[Samba] Can't print from NT box to printer on Samba machine

Clay, John John.Clay at lfr.com
Wed Apr 10 10:22:02 GMT 2002

I have a Samba box running a Slackware 8.0 distribution connected to a
windows tcp/ip lan. An hp4v printer is connected to the lan via tcp/ip at The printer has been configured via apsfilter and is functional
when printing directly from the Samba server. I have shared three Samba
hosted test directories and the Samba configured printer to the network. I'm
able to see and use the directories from ny nt box on the network. I can see
the printer on the nt box as well. I'm now trying to send jobs from the nt
box to the Samba server for printing on the hp. My problem is that when, on
the nt box, I try to install a print driver for the Samba printer share
(printer1) I get the following messages: 
"the server on which the printer resides doesn't have a suitable driver -
click ok if you wish to install the driver on your local machine" (my nt
I click ok on my nt box and navigate to the directory that contains the
unzipped driver suite from hp - the dialog is looking for an .inf file 
My directory contains hp4v.inf (and other non .inf printer related files).
That would seem a reasonable choice so I select it and click ok. 
Response is: "printer driver setup error - the printer driver is unknown"
and so the procedure fails 
I'm puzzled. Any ideas? 
Thanks Much 
John Clay 

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