[Samba] Windows 2000 Terminal Server and Samba

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Hi Jan,
Thanks for the info.  It sounds like you have put a lot of effort in on
Your idea for the netbios aliasing sounds intriguing.  I have no ideas
myself on what the limit of aliases might be, but I do have a test SAMBA
machine here which I might try playing with a little bit to see what I can
find out.
I saw the messages from Christian and yourself regarding moving up to SAMBA
2.2.3a and recommend the moving up all your servers to this version as I
believe the SAMBA versions after 2.0.7 were supposed to be a little better
with dealing with Windows 2000  (although I am not positive of this).  
Also, you might also want to look at the HP CIFS/9000 Server 2.2a version
1.08 now available (this version is based on SAMBA 2.2.3a, and has some
HP-UX enhancements included).  I am currently evaluating this for use on
some of our servers here. 
As for your problem with the file locks, you could try looking at the
CIFS/9000 Server 2.2a Release Notes (available from http://www.docs.hp.com
<http://www.docs.hp.com> ) as it contains some some recommendations for
setting of  kernel parameters on HP-UX systems.
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Hello Drew,
The past two months we have been searching for a solution for this topic. We
run Citrix Metaframe 1.8 on W2k TS and had lots of performance problems. I
sent some questions about this to the list, but got no answers. 
What we finally found that was causing the problem is that we had our
Internet Explorer cache on a network drive (NT 4.0 SP6 server). Putting this
on a local drive gave an enormous performance boost.
We still are having problems with the performance to a Samba server. Indeed:
there is only one daemon per W2k server. We modified several registry
settings and turn off oplocks on both the Samba machine and the W2k servers,
but it does not make any difference. On the Samba server (HP A400, Hp-UX
11i, Samba 2.0.7) we see a lot of disconnects and reconnects. Why this is:
no answer from the list!
A way to force Samba to start more than one daemon is using a lot of Netbios
aliases for the same server. If you give every user an alias for the service
to connect, than every user gets its daemon. We have not yet implemented
this, so I don't know if there are any side-effects. I also don't know if
there is a maximum number of aliases.
I think that there are not that many sites where they use W2k TS in
combination with Samba. That this combination gives problems is very clear
to me. I think this is a pitty; we almost were thinking of geting rid of
Samba and implement a Windows 2000 File server ...
Kind regards,
Jan Mostert
s are still not GeoDelft

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