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On Wed, 10 Apr 2002 chris.cheung at hld.com wrote:

> I have send a e-mail on asking this before, I want to make some
> amendment on my previous mail.
> The situation is,
> I want to control some NT domain group can access Samba.
> I have already set NT users can access the Samba.
> My smb conf is valid user = user1, @domain admin.
> When I use a domain admin account access the samba, it can't.
> The log is samba try to check whether this domain admin account is in
> the group "domain" not  "domain admin"
> I think samba interpret the smb.conf as @domain rather than @domain
> admin.
> Many NT domain group name make use of spacebar. How can we handle this
> spacebar?

See my other mail I sent today to this list. I've also had the same

In short, use quotes. I'm using winbind to get the windows domain because
the samba docs states that you can only use UNIX groups in the (in)valid
user parameter. So I'm using this @"DOM+Domain Name".

This should be added to the docs and I asked in my other mail how to do

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