[Samba] How to add group name

CHEUNG Chi Wai, Chris chris.cheung at hld.com
Wed Apr 10 06:27:19 GMT 2002

Dear David,

I have try it. After I add the @ "domain admin ", and when I reload the 
swat again, it has @ left, no domain admin or "domain admin"
any idea?


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Try commas:

@"domain admin"

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I have send a e-mail on asking this before, I want to make some amendment on
my previous mail.

The situation is, 
I want to control some NT domain group can access Samba.
I have already set NT users can access the Samba.

My smb conf is valid user = user1, @domain admin.

When I use a domain admin account access the samba, it can't.
The log is samba try to check whether this domain admin account is in 
the group "domain" not  "domain admin"

I think samba interpret the smb.conf as @domain rather than @domain admin.

Many NT domain group name make use of spacebar. How can we handle this


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