[Samba] w2k profiles on samba 2.2.3a pdc

stegbthmailing at tronicplanet.de stegbthmailing at tronicplanet.de
Tue Apr 9 13:06:02 GMT 2002

hi all,

i posted already two weeks ago this question, but didn't find the answer :( but
have seen other have similar problems.

i have samba 2.2.3a running as pdc for w2k sp2.
the profile share is separate share with nt acl support=no

but after the user first time logged on and logs off it can not copy the profile
back to the client, when the user logs on the next time.

cause it is unable to copy some files under application data but it has the
right to read/write this file.

some files for example are in application data/ms office/last opened there are
some tmp files, which cant the logon-process copy back to the client?

any ideas?


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