[Samba] Cannot join XP client to SAMBA PDC

Matthew Hagerty matthew at brwholesale.com
Tue Apr 9 12:26:02 GMT 2002


I have been trying all day to get my XP clients to join a domain on a SAMBA 
PDC.  I'm running SAMBA 2.2.3a on FreeBSD-4.2-Release.  I have the registry 
fix installed, hand entered machine accounts in my /etc/passwd file, 
associated machine accounts in the smbpasswd file, and a "domain admin 
group" entry in my smb.conf.

When I try to join an XP box, I type in the username and password of a user 
in the domain admin group and I get an error box saying "access 
denied".  This is in my log.smbd:

[2002/04/09 15:13:50, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr.c:api_samr_set_userinfo(670)
   api_samr_set_userinfo: Unable to unmarshall SAMR_Q_SET_USERINFO.
[2002/04/09 15:13:50, 0] passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c:pdb_getsampwrid(1416)
   unable to open passdb database.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





# Server String is the equivalent of the NT Description Field
         server string = SAMBA Server
         netbios name = SAMBA1
         workgroup = OFFICE

# Act as the domain and local master browser
         os level = 64
         preferred master = yes
         domain master = yes
         local master = yes

# Be a WINS server.  Only one WINS should be enabled
# for a subnet.
         wins support = yes

# Use smbpasswd
         security = user
         domain logons = yes
         encrypt passwords = yes
         null passwords = false

         domain admin group = @devs

# Only allow our hosts
         hosts allow = localhost, 10.4.13.
         interfaces =

# Increase our performance to secure our future as a server
         socket options = TCP_NODELAY

# User maps so people can use their names.
         username map = /usr/local/samba/lib/user.map

         logon script = logon.cmd

         path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
         writeable = no
         write list = @devs

         comment = Your Home Directory
         hide dot files = yes
         browseable = no
         writeable = yes
         read only = no
         create mode = 0600
         directory mode = 0700

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