[Samba] beeweeb file server, Comments? (Somewhat off topic)

Chip Mefford cmefford at video.avwashington.com
Tue Apr 9 11:11:13 GMT 2002

Good day all;

Coworker who is a Mandrake head recently
read some comments concerning the beeweeb
server software for GNU/Linux and other
Unixes on the Mandrake list.

We have played with this software a bit today
and it looks the world like a killer application
for those who are just trying to provide
file services for windows and macintosh.

I'm very leery of this software due to 
it's young age, the lack of information
on the website concerning the so-called
bwb protocol, and it's lack of clarity 
on it's license. 

Has anyone had any experience with this
software, or can provide any insights at 

Google searches turn up nothing other
than press hype.

Thanks in advance.


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