[Samba] Backup software

ACEAlex alex at saers.com
Tue Apr 9 10:10:04 GMT 2002


Im planing on doing an open source software that handels backups. The
purpose is to backup clients in an nt domain. I know that there are
comercial software out there but i want to do it the right way "open source
:)". Oki here is my plan

1. On every client i have a user that has read access to the whole system
drive. That user and password is stored on the backup server aswell.
2. The user will use a web interface and from that request a backup of the
3. The backup server will store the request and later that night it will use
samba to mount the client drive and make the backup. Im planing on using
gzip or bzip on every file in the system so that you easily could recover
files. The files will be stored on cheap ide harddrives. You will also be
able to filter out files that you dont need to backup "word.exe, swapfile

Now i wounder if there are any other people out there that already has done
it. Is it a great ide or not?


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