[Samba] winbindd hosts and nsswitch

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Apr 9 09:25:02 GMT 2002

On linux, WINS resolution is done with the libnss_wins.so module not

Richard Otten wrote:
> I have a need for my Linux (2.2.20 kernel) application to resolve names
> which are only stored in WINS.  To this end I am trying the winbindd
> daemon which is bundled with Samba 2.2.3a.
> I'm not at all interested in file sharing, user authentication, or any
> of the other wonderful features of Samba for this project.
> First I tried setting everything up with the Binary distribution for
> Red Hat 6.2.  This seemed to go ok - wbinfo certainly works fine.
> Other applications do not.
> When I try something simple - "ping pchostname" - and wrap it with strace
> I can definitely see the libnss_winbindd.so library is opened and parsed.
> Unfortunately no logging is taking place which might indicate why the
> library is unable to resolve a WINS host name (while wbinfo has no problem).
> I tried bumping up the debug level on winbindd to '100'.  Still, no logging
> takes place when I do a "ping pchostname".    (wbinfo does indeed generate a
> lot of log information at this level though)
> Next I removed the pre-built package and tried grabbing and building Samba
> from source.
> I still get the exact same symptoms.  wbinfo works fine.  ping loads the
> library, but doesn't find anything in WINS.
> What else can I try?
> Does it work?
> The documentation doesn't really discuss the 'hosts' option very much.
> I assume this means it works really well (and I'm missing something), or it
> doesn't work very well at all.
> How does "hosts.conf" fit into all this?
> It seems redundant to nsswitch.conf.  I've tried adding 'winbind' to hosts.conf
> as well, but the resolver urps on it.
> PS:  The README in the source/nsswitch directory could use an update.
>      It still references libnss_wins.so rather than libnss_winbind.so ...
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> Rick Otten
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