[Samba] can't join a 2000 domain

Maurice GL looking4urlp at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 08:48:05 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,

I configured and installed samba 2.2.3a on my Red Hat 7.2 server, and I want 
the server to join a domain for authentication. I have already done that 
using RH 6.2 and samba 2.2.2 but now I am experiencing some difficulties.

My smb.conf file says:

        workgroup = MYDOMAIN
        netbios name = AMAROK
        server string = Samba Server on AMAROK
        interfaces = eth0
        security = DOMAIN
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        password server = MYSERVER

When I use the command:

smbpasswd -j MyDomain

I get the following answer:

fetch_domain_sid: unable to connect to SMB server on machine MyServer. Error 
was : SUCCESS - 0.
Failed to get domain SID. Unable to join domain MYDOMAIN.

I am unsure about the meaning of the error message: It says
Error was: SUCCESS.
Which I find a  bit deceiving!

I can connect to my shares from my win machine because I created an entry 
for myself in the smbpasswd file, giving the same password I use to 
authenticate to the W2K domain, but authentication is done at the samba 
server level, I want authentication from the domain controller.

Another bit of information: When I installed my RH server, I selected medium 
security and that installed some ipchains rules that blocked off access to 
swat. I had to rework the rules to allow me to connect to swat. Maybe there 
are some other rules that prevent access to ports 137 to 139 that I have not 
spotted yet.



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