[Samba] kernel oplocks fail (unprettily) on IRIX (with efs)

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 9 07:51:02 GMT 2002

Hi all,

	Using Samba 2.2.3a on IRIX 6.5.5f we've hit an awkward problem.

Kernel oplocks are supported (yay!), but, it turns out, not on IRIX efs
filesystems, only XFS.

We've had to discover this the hard way; within minutes of upgrading to
2.2.3a we had users coming to us reporting inability to open certain
(Lotus Approach) database files.

The error message:-

[2002/04/09 13:11:33, 0] smbd/oplock_irix.c:(170)
  set_file_oplock: Unable to get kernel oplock on file LOGIN.APR, dev = cc, inode = 48354, file_id = 4l. Error was Invalid argument

lead us to the 'fcntl' call on line 168 of smbd/oplock_irix.c and a
"quick" trip through fcntl(2) reveals that EINVAL is returned if the
oplock is being requested on a file that's on a non-XFS filesystem.

Anyone else seen this?  Is there any chance of 'kernel oplocks' being a
share level (as opposed to global) paramter?  Or could the oplock_irix
code handle EINVAL as a special case?


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