[Samba] RE: How to set up proxy setting auromatically?

Remo Liechti remo.liechti at bluewin.ch
Tue Apr 9 02:06:02 GMT 2002

Hi there!

The problem is fixed, i found the entrees in:


>Hi Guys

>I have the order in my company, to set up the proxy settings in the =
>internet control pannel by win2000 and win nt4.
>We have a LogonScript, how and where can i set up the registry =
>automatically to the settings i've got?
>I have to connect a proxy-server: proxy.xxxxxxxx.com:xxxx

>and the exeptions of the pages http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.com, =

>How can I do that?

>Sorry about my grammar ;-) English is not my mother-tongue

>HP: I connect you because i found in the net an article about something =

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