[Samba] How-to store user profile on the workstation

Krao krao at ifrance.com
Mon Apr 8 12:14:03 GMT 2002

or more precisely, the SAMBA HOW-NOT-TO

How not to store user profile on the server (roaming profil) but on the 
workstation with a samba acting as a PDC

ie: How-to store user profile on the workstation

tested with a samba 2.2.3 with an XP box and a win2k box

The configuration is exactly the same as a samba acting as a pdc with 
roaming profiles, except

logon path =
logon drive =
logon home =

this settings must be present and empty!

krao at ifrance.com

Strange effect:
if logon path is empty but not logon drive and logo home are not, then, 
while logging the workstation will

load the profiles and .... reboot !!! (testing under a win2k and a win XP 
workstation with a samba 2.2.3)

Here is an example smb.conf for acting as a PDC:

     ; Basic server settings
     netbios name = POGO
     workgroup = NARNIA

     ; we should act as the domain and local master browser
     os level = 64
     preferred master = yes
     domain master = yes
     local master = yes

     ; security settings (must user security = user)
     security = user

     ; encrypted passwords are a requirement for a PDC
     encrypt passwords = yes

     ; support domain logons
     domain logons = yes

     ; where not to store user profiles?
     ; instead of logon path = \\%N\profiles\%u
     ; just leave it blank
     logon path =

     ; where is a user's home directory and where should it
     ; be mounted at?
     ;logon drive = H:
     ;logon home = \\homeserver\%u
     logon drive =
     logon home =

     ; specify a generic logon script for all users
     ; this is a relative **DOS** path to the [netlogon] share
     logon script = logon.cmd

; necessary share for domain controller
     path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
     read only = yes
     write list = ntadmin

; share for storing user profiles that you don't need anymore !!!
;    path = /export/smb/ntprofile
;    read only = no
;    create mask = 0600
;    directory mask = 0700

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