[Samba] Windows 98 not connecting

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Mon Apr 8 12:13:02 GMT 2002


I setup samba on my RedHat 7.2 machine.
I added a group for samba and added users to the samba using
I then added some file shares to my samba configuration.

I tried to access the shares from Windows 2000 by:
	Load Windows Explorer
	Click on My Network Places
	Double-Click on Add Network Place
In the location of the network place, type: \\[ServerIP]\[ShareName] and hit
I was prompted for a user name and password to access the share.
Everything worked fine.

Not so on Windows 98.  I went to Network Neighborhood and
double clicked on the machine name and see the shares, but
the share asked me for the password only, not the user name.
When I type in the password, it does not connect.

I did check the value of the registry setting
and set the value to 0x00

I am now stumped. Any ideas?


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