[Samba] codepage smbmount problem

Damian Hesse damians at gmx.at
Mon Apr 8 11:19:03 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

I am currently struggling with smbmount and NT. All I want to do
is to mount a shared ressource from an NT4 computer providing
file service under suse linux 7.2. Unfortunately not all
filenames are displayed correctly. All files using german
"Umlaute" ("AÄÖöäü...") are displayed with an "?" when I list
them under linux.


- samba 2.2.0a
- linux 2.2.18, SuSE 7.2, with NLS support compiled
- smbmount was invoked with the parameters "-o  

and... unfortunately it sucks :-) What else can be checked? 
If there is anybody with a new idea what to do then please
let me know.

thankx in advance,

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