[Samba] linuxbox as a client in a win-nt network

Axel Zindler a.zindler at gmx.de
Mon Apr 8 05:45:03 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I have SuSE 7.3 running on my laptop for a couple of months now and shifted
mailing, addressbooks  and most of the other stuff from win to linux.

Now I'm working on a site in ireland with only win-nt computers connected
with roaming profiles to servers in germany :(
I was wondering if Samba can be used to connect to such a win-nt network and
transfer the files I need to transfer.
Is the ftp-like samba client the only possibility and how to do this, if the
IP-address is being changed all the time I logon because of a
What about encryption of passwords, since I don't have any rights to change
something on the win-nt server side (I've read something in the doc about
switching off encryption on the windows side - at least for win98 clients in the
standard config, where samba is used as a server)
Is there a possiblity to connect to a microsoft exchange server to fetch my
emails, rather than converting MS outlook pst-files after a couple of months
to mbox-files?



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