[Samba] SMB Port setting in W2K?

Alexander V. Maljavinskiji sashka at novocybersk.ru
Mon Apr 8 02:32:03 GMT 2002

8 April 2002 00:57, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if anybody knows of a setting in W2K to change the
> port numbers used by NMB/SMB to something othere than the
> default.  I would like to run two deifferent Sambas on the same
> server on different ports of experimental purposes.
> Thanks,

hmm, i don't know about different ports, but you may use two IPs on your unix 
box (if it possible) - just setup aliases on your netcard inteface, and say 
to sambas to listen on different ip adresses

/sashka, your friendly sysadmin (#icq: 5987321)
mailto: sashka at novocybersk.ru

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