[Samba] Using Domain Groups for share access control

dj dj at walhalla.sin.khk.be
Sun Apr 7 14:48:03 GMT 2002

Hello everybody,

I'm going to transfer a couple of Windows file/print server to a large
Linux machine running Samba. I'm currently using a test system to figure
out what works and what not. For the most part everything works fine. But
I'm still left with a question I can't find a answer for.

For easy administration, I will not be in charge of the admin only setup,
I would like to control access to the shares using domain groups. The
PDC/BDC machines will still be Windows.

I'm a correct that you can't enter a domain group in the valid users
group? Only unix groups?

What is the easiest way to implement domain group based access control?
I'm a right in thinking that this has to be done using winbind? Winbind
will make unix groups out of the Windows groups wich I then can use for
the valid/invalid users fields?
And if I have to use winbind, is it already ok for use in larger

I know, thats a lot of questions, but I really would like to use Samba, so
I really appreciate your help.

Tim Verhoeven

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