[Samba] bug in pdbedit ??

Jens Zechlin jens.zechlin at web.de
Sat Apr 6 03:02:02 GMT 2002

Hi everybody
I've tried to setup Samba 2.2.3 + OpenLDAP as a PDC for Win2000. While
adding a machine-account for one workstation with pdbedit -a -m -u
<wks-name>$ I get the following errormessage:

norge:/etc/openldap # pdbedit -a -m -u jzwork3$
pdb_getsampwuid: getpwuid(60000) return NULL. User does not exist in
Unix accounts! username:       jzwork3$
user ID/Group:  605/201
user RID/GRID:  121000/121001       
Full Name:      jzwork3
Home Directory: \\NORGE\jzwork3_
HomeDir Drive:  
Logon Script:   
Profile Path:   \\NORGE\jzwork3_\profile
norge:/etc/openldap # 

Look at the RID and GRID!! This should be 
RID = 2 * uid + 1000 = 2210 
GRID = 2 * gid + 1001 = 1403
I found this information how samba calculates the RID and GRID somewhere
on the internet and it is true for normal useraccounts.

While joining the domain from Win2000 the server searches for RID = 2210
and GRID = 1403. To succesfully join the domain I had to edit the
RID/GRID in my LDAP-Tree.

I think this is a bug in pdbedit, but I'm not sure. Perhaps I've done
something wrong. 

Does anybody have the same or likewise problem??

jens zechlin

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