[Samba] (fwd) upgrading to the latest Samba on RedHat

Brian Whitehead bwhitehd at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 5 17:26:01 GMT 2002

Do you want a newer rpm or do you want to install using the source tarball?

When you say 'init 5' are you talking about runlevel 5?  Does this mean it
works under the other runlevels?  There shouldn't be any difference between
runlevels.  If you want to check and see if a daemon is configured to run on
a certain runlevel you can manually look at the rc directories or with
Redhat you can type 'chkconfig --list' at a terminal prompt.  If you only
need a specific daemon type 'chkconfig --list | grep smb', where smb can be
any daemon you're looking for.

When you try to access it via Netscape, you're not accessing Samba.  You're
accessing SWAT the Samba web interface.  This has to be setup seperate from
Samba.  In other words you get Samba working and then you get SWAT running.


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> (Doralice, you need to use the samba support mailing list.  The
> webmaster address is just for website-related questions.)
> Could somebody help this person?
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> I have RedHat Linux 7.1 installed. I need to update my Samba -2.0.7-36 to
> new version of Samba. Can you please some information about, how can I
> update Samba. Also if possible I have a hard time to make Samba works in
> init 5, when I try to connect I get an error saying: Netscape's network
> connection was refused by the server 901 The Server may not be
> accepting connections or may be busy . Try connecting again later. I try
> couple times and no results so far.
> Could you please help me?
> I really appreciate, thanks
> Doralice Eckart
> Engineering Support Tech
> I.T Department
> Rainin Instrument, LLC
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