[Samba] Debian Linux vs. Win2000 SP2 problems

Daniel Egger degger at fhm.edu
Fri Apr 5 04:20:02 GMT 2002

Am Don, 2002-04-04 um 19.27 schrieb Bradley W. Langhorst:

> look for info on "sign or seal"

This wasn't the culprit, rather there was a pretty evil problem on our
side which I simply couldn't find but my colleague incidently did.

As this might could be a quite common problem I'd like to share my new
experience with you:

Somewhere in a FAQ or Documentation there was a hint to enter root as
invalid user in the config; this leads to a problem with Win2000 and up
as they must have the ability to create new user entries on the server
on their first login which has to be done with root permissions. So
unless I missed something vital, connecting new Windows2000/XP machines
to a Samba PDC is a no-go with a disabled root user. You might want to
mention this is the doc or a FAQ.

Thanks for your help!

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