[Samba] Request for help!

Slawomir Orlowski (Cympak) sorlowski at cympak.com
Thu Apr 4 12:52:03 GMT 2002


I have samba rpm's installed on my RedHat 6.1: 




So fat it was working great with our LAN ( WIN98 PC's ). 

But we are going to buy new PC which will come with Win XP. 

In some book I have found that samba 2.2.1a package would be required, after downloading 



samba-common-2.2.1a-4.i386.rpm it turned out that libc.so.6 is required and this comes with 7.x RedHat. 

Later I have found on page: 


rpm: samba-2.2.3a-20020206.i386.rpm 

what is this? samba so fat consisted from 3 separate rpm. 

When I was checking dependencies  "rpm -i --test samba.... "of this package it did not require libc.so.6 but was in collision with my previous samba. 

I'm a little confused what is this exactly? 

Should I uninstall previous samba to install this? 

Is this rpm containing previous 3 rpm's? 

And maybe the most important question do I have to update samba to make it work with XP clients. 

If yes, is there available any version of samba for RedHat 6.1 which would work with XP clients. 

I would really appreciate any help from You.

best regards
Slawomir Orlowski
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