[Samba] XP on Linux

Eric Anderson eanderson at okctech.com
Thu Apr 4 12:19:02 GMT 2002

XP Can log on... I have done this on three different sites now. The 
setup is identical to that for win2k, with one exception. Under "Local 
Security Policy" you must turn off the require trusted domain option and 
reboot the machine. If you require additional help search the archives 
for a post from me approx 27 Mar 2002 to the list Re: [Samba] Joining a 
win2k machine in a samba PDC.


Eric Anderson
Systems / Security Administrator
21st Century Electronics

Alexandre Miguel Fernandes Mendonça wrote:

>Este email assim como os ficheiros que possa ter em anexo são confidenciais
>e para uso exclusivo da pessoa ou organização para o qual foi enviado.
>Se recebeu este email por engano por favor notifique Redes at bnc.pt
>Esta nota confirma que esta mensagem foi verificada pelo MIMEsweeper
>não tendo sido encontrados virus.
>I have a PDC on network running on a nt server.
>I have a XP client that must log on a samba 2.2.3a running on a red hat 7.2
>, but he´s not reading the policy's. If i try with a windows95 box it works
>Can anyone point out to me what the problem is?

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