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PINTO ELIA PINTO.ELIA at insedia.interbusiness.it
Thu Apr 4 07:19:02 GMT 2002

AFAIK this is only supported in SAMBA-TNG. The equivalent option in Samba
NETLOGON "Secure Channel" (MS KB Article Q183/8/59 , SignSecureChannel,
SealSecureChannel, e 
RequireSignOrSeal) are:

client schannel = yes, no or auto 
server schannel = yes, no or auto

the obvious meaning. I don't know these option will be supported in samba
3.0. Please let me


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I have been searching the web without any result if there is a solution to
use smb signing (from windows NT 4.0 sp3 and higher) with samba servers.
Since all our windows NT workstations and servers have now activated "smb
signinig required" it is not possible to connect to any linux machine using
samba any more

thank you


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