[Samba] Linux and Win2k

surleau at robur.u-bourgogne.fr surleau at robur.u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Apr 4 02:09:02 GMT 2002


On a Win2k domain with Active Directory, I'm adding a linux server.
On this server, samba is configured with winbind, and in the logon screen, 
I can see the users of my Win2k domain.
The problem is : I cannot login with these usernames :
user : DOMAIN+user
password : pass

 "user or password incorrect" (approx translation from french ....).

So I log in as a linux user, and test "su - DOMAIN+user", give the 
password, and get the same error.
If I do that as root user, it doesn't ask for a password and it works.

smb.conf contains : "security = domain" and "encrypt passwords = yes".

Any ideas ?


Romain Surleau.

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