[Samba] Re:Is it possible to emulate the remote install functions

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Apr 4 00:30:09 GMT 2002

 > I don't think there is an exact replacement for
 > that functionality...

 > I use a distinct product called ghost from symantec to
 > manage the clients.  If you really want to stick with
 > free stuff you could do regular imaging using
 > partimage.sourceforge.net
	I am not sure exactly what functionallity of remote install 
is, but we have fixed up our Linux servers to do complete 
install of OS to the desktop and then single click on each 
application that we need installed using reg files, AutoIT 
and quick and quite installs of Applications that we use.

	We can get a Win2K install with all apps in about two hours 
without imaging a hard drive seeing that all our boxs have 
different motherboards, video card, nextwork cards and son 
on ...


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