[Samba] WAN name resolution problem

Brian Whitehead bwhitehd at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 3 18:51:05 GMT 2002

I've set two Samba servers to synch the WINS info with the settings in the
smb.conf.  I'm not sure how you would do this with the NT servers though.
You should read the BROWSING.txt file that is part of the distribution.


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> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of replacing the NT 4 Domain Controllers on a client's
> three site WAN with Linux Samba Servers. The first Server went in today,
> largly the installation was a success! Phew!
> However, I've got an issue with resolving names over the WAN.
> On the Linux Samba Server itself, from the primary site, I can ping the
> other two NT Servers no problems, using their IP addresses. To ensure I
> also ping using their names, I've added aliases for the two Servers into
> /etc/hosts. No problems, from the Server I can ping the Server names no
> problem.
> From any of the clients on site 1, I can ping the IP address of either
> Server on the other sites, and get a response. However, no client has
> resolve the names of the Servers. I thought I could get around this by
> adding the following line into my smb.conf:
> name resolve order = hosts lmhosts wins bcast
> (though I'm sure there are better ways of achieving this!!)
> But this doesn't solve it! My Samba Server includes a WIN Server and a
> Server, which issues the Samba Server to each client as the primary WINS
> Server.
> To get around the problem, I have added the address of the original NT
> Server as a secondary WINS Server, and with this in place, all clients can
> resolve names on either site okay!
> However, this is obviously not the perfect solution, if for no other
> than in a couple of days time, when everything has been ticking over
> perfectly (I can be optimistic, it's Linux!!) I want to remove this NT
> Server and rebuild it as the Linux Samba Server for site 2!
> The WAN the clients is trying to traverse, if it makes any difference, is
> VPN built out of Smoothwall and IP COP Linux firewalls using Zyxel
> So, any ideas anybody on how I can sort this out? Any input much
> appreciated!
> Regards,
> Greg Conway.
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