[Samba] Joining a Domain With NT4 PDC Instructions Don't Work

Harvey Wamboldt harvey at iotek.ns.ca
Wed Apr 3 08:56:07 GMT 2002

Unfortunately these postings didn't show up during the web search I
conducted.  Now in hindsight I realize that once I localized the
problem to authentication with the PDC that perhaps I should have
extracted the change log (I assume there is one) from the CVS.

In any event, although I'm loath to suggest anything that makes more
work for people, most projects do have an easy to find location for
known issues, bugs, and work-arounds for the latest release, a README
file even.  I know how much many many shops depend on Samba, and Samba
is an important component in stemming the MS flood.  My concern is
that a problem like this could result in bad PR for Samba and by
association UNIX/Linux/BSD.

Rgds to All,


On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, Herb Lewis wrote:

> This is a bug that I have mentioned several times on this list.
> smbpasswd on big-endian machines was broken. It is fixed in
> the current CVS code.
> Harvey Wamboldt wrote:
> >
> > Keywords: samba, NT4, PDC, smbpasswd, problem, "join domain"
> > "unable to setup the PDC credentials to machine"
> >
> > Version: samba-2.2.3a, built on SPARC/Solaris 5.7 with gcc.
> >
> > The Samba 2.2 instructions/web page titled:
> >
> >    "security = domain in Samba 2.x"
> >
> > section
> >
> >    "Joining an NT Domain with Samba 2.2"
> >
> > does not work with my NT4 PDC.

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