[Samba] Problem in printing to file

alg alg at shom.fr
Wed Apr 3 07:34:04 GMT 2002


I recently upgraded my samba servers from samba-1.9.18p8 to samba-2.2.2, and
a problem arised for one of my NT users: The "print to file" behaviour is now
different when a file is opened from a network drive or from a local disk.

- With a local drive (or with a network drive connected on a old 1.9.18 server),
a non-Microsoft software such as Netscape Communicator 4.7 (or Acroread 4 or
PaintShopPro 4.14) will ask for the output filename when I select print/print
to file and click OK.
- With a network drive connected to a samba-2.2.2 server, no filename is asked,
and the program writes the output to a file called FILE:* in the directory of
the opened filed, without any question.

It makes no difference whether the NT user and machine belong or not to a PDC.

The problem doesn't occur with Microsoft software like Office 97 or Internet
Explorer 5.5: I am always asked for a filename when I print to file, not
depending on the drive where the opened file is stored.

I haven't changed my smb.conf between the 2 versions, and I can't find the
parameter involved in this new behaviour. I have already tried to set 
"disable spoolss = yes" but it didn't change anything. And I didn't get any
other idea from the samba list, where I posted this last week.

So I wonder if this is a bug, as I find the output name for the printed file
(FILE:*) looks like a "not interpreted" function.

Can you help me?

Best regards.

Anne Le Guellec - Herberts

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