[Samba] Domain question

Brian Whitehead bwhitehd at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 3 05:57:02 GMT 2002

If I remember correctly, it reads from the database for authentication, the
same way that a Windows client does.  It sends an authentication request
with an encrypted password.  It doesn't write to the database at all.  This
is no more insecure than using a Windows client to connect.  Samba is a
reverse engineering of the SMB protocol that Windows uses.  I would suggest
reading the SMB protocol documentation on the Samba site and searching for
SMB on Microsoft's knowledgebase and Google.

No network connection is completely secure.  It depends on encryption
methods and ultimately on the administrator.


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> I have a question about Samba's interaction with the PDC and SAM database
> on the windows domain. There are some in my company who say that Samba
> read and write to the SAM databse in order to authenticate a user. This,
> according to them, poses a security risk in that a UNIX user could obtain
> tools to gain access to the SAM, retrieve all passwords and potentially
> corrupt the database. My question is simple, is this true and is there a
> way to ease their concerns?
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