[Samba] samba and mac OS X

mache at abcpages.com mache at abcpages.com
Wed Apr 3 01:20:09 GMT 2002


I'm tring to run Samba on a mac 10.1.3, using package xamba from 
xamba.sourceforge.net (which is samba 2.2.3a) and I have the following 
error in log.smbd:
  Unable to initgroups. Error was Input/output error
This error happens each time I try to access my mac from a windows XP or 
windows 2000. 

I'm not very familiar with mac X internals but I see that it uses some 
kind of LDAP wich I can access and modify using an applications called 
netinfo. I've seen some references to negative numbers used as user id, I 
changed all uids to positive but I still have this error. Anybody has 
any sugestion?

Thank you,
Nicolae Mihalache

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