[Samba] Some doubts.

João Alexandre - Pluridata/LI J.Alexandre at pluridata.com
Wed Apr 3 00:37:19 GMT 2002

Dear All,
I'm newbie to Linux. Most of every statement we read about Linux describes
this as good tool to provide a Internet/Intranet Server, but as my
experience says (I work in this field for more than 15 years, and yes, my
know how is almost all from MS$) I don't know any organization that doesn't
have at least 1 file and print server. So I decide it to give it a try (it
would be the time to let Linux enter MS$ field), I never had the chance to
learn Unix/Linux, and l took last week, the full week, to put my first
Linux/Samba machine belonging to my NT domain (I must fully understand
installation, configuration, maintenance and possible problems before start
deploying to our customers). I tried several distributions (Caldera, RedHat,
Mandrake...) and finally I could do it using the latest distribution from
Mandrake, 8.2. I had several problems, I tried installing Samba from RPMS,
compiling it and I was almost quitting when I reboot my NT machines and it
started working. By now I have a Samba server joined to my NT domain, I'm
using winbind to catch my NT users/groups and I have a share mounted on
ReiserFS XFS partition. I found the documentation to be to much detailed,
and what I mean is that it would be nice that someone with experience would
compile a Quick Guide, or perhaps I didn't search enough.
I'm sorry for this description but my questions are:
1 When at the Linux side we create a directory to share what permissions
should we give?
2 What is the benefit of having the shared directory on a XFS partition?
3 I it possible on a subdirectory of a Samba share modify the permissions so
that they are different from the parent?
4 Perhaps someone can advise me of what are the minimum Linux installation
for having just Samba and some administration?
5 What is the best practice for updating a Samba installation?
I think that by now is all, and I hope to get some help.
Thanks in advance to the community,
Best Regards,
Joao Alexandre
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