[Samba] adddriver (printer) and printer permissions problems (spoolss)

Bart Warmerdam bartw at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 3 00:09:31 GMT 2002


I have a problem adding printerdrivers in samba (2.2.3a). When I use the
rpcclient to add the driver I always get a NT_INVALID_LOCK_SEQUENCE 

rpcclient srv_linux -d 1 -c "adddriver \"Windows NT x86\" \"HP LaserJet 8000 Series PCL 6:HPBF0222.DLL:HPBF0224.PMD:HPBF0220.DLL:HPBF0224.HLP:NULL:RAW:hpbf0226.dll,hpbftm32.dll,hpbf0223.dll,hpbf0220.dll,hpbafd32.dll,hpbf0224.pmd,hpbf0224.hlp,hpbf0224.dll,hpbf0221.dll,hpbf0225.dll,hpbf0222.dll,hpdcmon.dll\""

Server is setup to run in a domain as a server (security = server)

What am I doing wrong or where do I need to start looking for a solution??
Even with the uploaded drivers using w2k APW I see no installed drivers in
rpcclient (enumdrivers).

Another problem I have is when I do get the printer initialised (spoolss) via
the add printer wizard in w2k I cannot set the permissions on that printer.
The message I get is (translated to english) 'It is not possible to contact
a windows NT server or the objects within this domain are protected and the
information cannot be used'. I use the nt printer admin account for this
which should be able to download all the domain information since this works
correctly on the printers running on windows servers.

FYI: the server authenticates all user information correctly to control



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