[Samba] samba setup on vmware 3 linux host win98 guest

nate samba at aphroland.org
Tue Apr 2 23:12:26 GMT 2002

<quote who="Alex Lee">
> I'm completely new to the world of samba.  I've just been violently
> thrusted into this trying to get my vmware 3 win98se guest to access
> files on my host computer running RH 7.2
> Could a kind soul please help this newbie and instruct me on how to set
> up a basic network over the host-only virtual vmware network?

lucky for you vmware comes with samba, re run vmware-config.pl it
should prompt to "allow guest systems access to host filesystem",
tell it yes. when installing vmware tools it will prompt to disable
password encryption on the win32 virtual machine, say yes.

i haven't tried it, but it should work, this feature has been there
since 2.0

(vmware 3 user too)

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