[Samba] Problem in smbcacls syntax since i am newbabe in samba

Fahriar Ahmed fahriar at grameenphone.com
Tue Apr 2 19:49:02 GMT 2002

Is it possible to give any NT user change/full control  permission on a
samba file server with smbacls ?
If yes then can any one help me the syntax of smbcacls format
I have tried the man page but can't cope  it up

smbcacls {//server/share} {filename} [-U username] [-A acls] [-M acls] [-D
acls] [-S acls] [-C name] [-G name] [-n] [-h]

say my server name is printserver (linux box) and share name is test
I want to give fahriar (username) of EARTHDOMAIN (NT domain name ) change
permission on the test share so what will be the syntax of smbcalcs.

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